The 2013 Arsies: January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Welcome back to the metal mayhem! Today, we've got a hardcore/punk hybrid debut from Milwaukee against the latest from arguably the pioneers of German thrash.
Enabler's first major release All Hail The Void is a stunning tour de force. Self-assured and aggressive, this album grabs you from its first minute, with its familiar yet unique sound, and its boundless energy. The last time I was this immediately impressed by an album was when I first heard Converge's 2009 masterpiece Axe To Fall. Lissen: F.A.T.H..
Kreator returns the aggression with their thirteenth studio album, Phantom Antichrist. Unlike a lot of other 20th-century thrash bands I could name, Kreator continues to be vital, and their latest album is by no means a disappointment to the headbanging spirit. My complaint with the album is that it can feel a little outdated or stunted. It is hard for me to hear songs like Death To The World without being reminded that these are some old dudes screaming some silly shit. Harsh, perhaps, but if one of metal's greater goals is to assist our need for escapism, Phantom Antichrist falls a little short of Enabler.
Tomorrow, High On Fire get a little weird with Ihsahn.

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