The 2013 Arsies: January 2, 2013

January 2, 2013

You know, God Forbid's Equilibrium has a lot going for it. Aggression, technical chops, screams, breakdowns, you name it. And songs like the title track and Scraping The Walls show the band firing on all cylinders. But from the very beginning, God Forbid sound like they're either following the metalcore playbook, or akwardly bolting on something different for the sake of being different. The awkwardness becomes more apparent the more you listen to Equilibrium.
Then there's Icarus, Dew-Scented's ninth album. There's no attempt at pretention, no overthinking, no dishonesty... just uncompromising thrash. So fucking satisfying. Just listen to Thrown To The Lions and see if you disagree. Really, my only complaint is having to tell my friends with a straight face that a band named Dew-Scented melted my face off. Oh well. After years of listening to bands with names like Norma Jean and Job For A Cowboy, I can get over myself. Dew-Scented handily takes the day!
Tomorrow, we've got Whitechapel against Every Time I Die.

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