The 2013 Arsies: February 8, 2013

February 8, 2013

The Faceless actually made this unpredictedly tough for me to call today. Incredible!
As they've demonstrated over the past month, The Faceless is easy to underestimate, and Autotheism is jam-packed full of interesting metal goodness, bordering on some classic tunes, riffs, and moments. Very potent prog metal here. But as I suggested last month, 2012 turned out to be a very bad year for anyone trying to out-prog BTBAM. Not even the chameleonic Faceless could compete; while listening to Autotheism was as enjoyable today as ever, following it with The Parallax II settled all doubts PDQ. The Faceless should be proud of themselves for making it this far... but eventually, they too had to fall before Between The Buried And Me.
We've come to the final contest, the winner-takes-all match. On Monday, we discover who wins the coveted Gilded Arse: Gojira or BTBAM!

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